Tokova Pay Technology

Shop, pay, collect and send money directly from your Shark Wave!

The Tokova Pay technology, powered by MasterCard is an exclusive feature to Shark Wave users. Itís quick, convenient, and secure.

With the Tokova Pay Platinum Prepaid Debit MasterCard, there's no need to enter your PIN or sign for transactions, so you'll get through checkout faster. You can feel secure about your purchases because the card never leaves your hands. It's convenient to use and there's no fee for using Tokova Pay at the many locations that accept it.

Tokova Pay works with wireless technology embedded into the Tokova Shark Wave. An embedded chip and radio frequency antenna transmit payment details wirelessly, eliminating the need for you to hand your debit card to a merchant or swipe it yourself. Just look for the contactless payments symbol, wait for the signal, and go. There is no need to sign for purchases made with your Tokova Pay Platinum debit card for transactions of $50 or less.

Your new debit card still has that familiar magnetic stripe, so you can still swipe it to make purchases at millions of locations worldwide. You'll continue to enjoy debit card features such as Tokova Talk and Money Rewards.

For Tokova Shark customers, when you receive your new Shark Wave Smartphone, your new prepaid debit card will be in the package and will automatically have Tokova Pay technology.

Get Access to Services and Benefits

  • FREE prepaid reloadable MasterCard
  • Free Tokova Pay wallet
  • FREE money transfers worldwide
  • Safe and secure shopping online
  • Shop anywhere MasterCard is accepted