Logistical Advantage

If you travel internationally, having a Shark Wave is a significant money-saver and logistical advantage.

Because the Shark Wave is a global multi-carrier 4G LTE Smartphone eliminating excessive mobile charges is a breeze. Once you’ve found a local carrier, pick up an inexpensive pay-as-you-go SIM card and insert it into your Shark Elite and enjoy local calls.

Or simple connect with the people you love using Wi-Fi and the Tokova “Talk” Feature which allows you to make and receive call FREE while traveling abroad.

Tokova “Talk” provides convenience to use the Shark Wave anywhere. With the power of this global multi carrier power of this global multi carrier Smartphone, anyone traveling internationally can now communicate affordably, Browse the web, check emails, share photos, video chat and use the global GPS for turn by turn direction while you explore the world.

The Tokova Shark Wave offers no compromise when it comes to being the only Multi-Carrier Global Smartphone that runs on all carriers 4G LTE networks worldwide.